Ampersand is a consultancy specializing in brand strategy during periods of momentous change.

Whether growing organically or through a series of acquistions, we maximize the value of your portfolio and people. 


Working at the intersection of marketing, operations and human resources, we provide a holistic solution to brand challenges.

We take a data-driven approach, but execute with empathy.


We are an interdisciplinary team of experienced strategists, writers, namers and designers.

All have helped grow some of the largest brands in the business world. 


We help brands before, during and after key transitions, tackling the complexities of brand challenges and turning them into business impact. 

If you are entering a new category or targeting a new audience, we architect your portfolio to tell a clear and compelling story.




From evaluating a merger for potential fit, to exploring a new growth strategy, to preparing for an IPO, we partner with you to determine an optimum strategic plan.

Is an acquisition a good cultural fit for your firm?
What is your story? How can you make 1+1=3?
What hole can you fill in the market?
How do you inform, inspire and empower employees?
How should you communicate change and sustain momentum?



Syncing your marketing, operations and HR initiatives during periods of acquisition and growth. We provide a full suite of brand services to ensure a smooth transition.

How do we encourage cultural alignment?
Does your brand strategy needs to change?
Is your portfolio maximized for ROI?
Should you merge brands?



A key goal to growth is sustaining momentum while strategically planning for the long term.

Are you seeing cultural alignment? If not, why?
Are you seeing an increase in sales? If not, why?
Are you telling your story simply and clearly?
Are you maximizing resources and marketing spend? Are you supporting the right number of brands?


Our capabilities include brand strategy, brand architecture, communications planning, messaging, naming, identity

Ampersand is based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. We work with a select number of clients at a time. 

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