When in the process of selling their company, many organizations neglect their brand, allocating their resources to drive operational efficiencies. “Why focus on our brand, when we will probably be folded into the parent brand anyway?”, they ask. In reality, now  can be one of the best times to consider a branding effort, as your brand is a key asset that can help drive a higher purchase price. 

What’s in a name? When it comes to M+A, sometimes everything

During an acquisition, emotions run high. This is particularly true when it comes to retaining or retiring a brand name. A brand name provides a sense of identity, and therefore, many acquirers make concessions around the name to allay concerns. Learn more about the top mistakes organizations make.

Key to M+A Success: Being in Sync

When integrating an acquisition, your list of to-do’s may seem daunting. Systems integration, client and employee communications, cultural alignment and brand migration all need to happen – and often on similar timeframes.

The challenge that most organizations face is getting all of this done, while maintaining business as usual.